Monday, August 1, 2011

Cool Magic Card Tricks - Free Card Tricks

Just imagine being able to really impress your friends with amazingly cool magic card tricks just like the pros! With a little bit of instruction and an arsenal of card tricks up your sleeve, you could be doing just that.

Many people are interested in cool magic card tricks, but are frustrated by the many products and memberships out there that don't deliver and only offer part of the solution. 

There are free magic card tricks available online, but detailed step-by-step instructions will ensure that you learn the card tricks correctly and you will be able to execute them like a pro magician.

Expert Card Technique teaches you hundreds of card trick methods that were previously known only to card trick experts. Among these methods includes false shuffles, passes, crimps, palming, changes, false cuts, rear palms, jogs, reverses, and more. You will be taught a total of 341 sleights and tricks, with 318 illustrations that show the exact position your fingers and hands need to be in.

It also teaches you the underlying principles, sleights and magic maneuvers that are essential to pulling off these tricks flawlessly. Knowing the underlying principles will allow anyone to then create their own cool magic card tricks from scratch! 

Here are some sample card tricks you can try:

Pull cards out of thin air!
This is one of the most basic card moves. It is a very easy to perform. In this trick you will appear to pull cards from thin air. But don’t be fooled by this easy card sleight. The card trick completely depends on visuals and can definitely create a good reputation among your friends.

Once you follow this easy sleight of hand guide you will be able to execute this impressive card production easily and with a confidence that will never be shattered.

The card trick will show you audience faces which are awestruck. Because though it is clear that your hand is empty, it will appear that you are grabbing cards from thin air but the truth is only what you know. The card magic revealed will be a shock for your friends.

How to perform
1.      Hold a small stack of cards from the deck in the palm of your hand in the palm position. You make the choice of the amount of cards. Suit whatever is comfortable for you. However it is not a compulsion that you hold a lot of cards. Try different combinations before you start the trick.

2.      Grip the edge of the stack with your deft fingers and use the thumb to peel of the top of the stack and pick out a card.

3.      Move the stack of cards up to the view of audience where they can only view the closed side of your palm. The cards are held between your thumb and the forefinger.

4.      The hand should be lunged forward slightly as if the card has been grabbed from thin air. At the same time you are also pivoting up the card.

5.      Now you can continue to produce the cards from thin air in this manner throwing down each card to the audience before producing the card by magic.

6.      Practice this trick in front of a mirror to see it from an angle to get the audiences perspective and choose the best angle for the trick.

This cool magic card trick is bound to stun the audience.

Rising Card
This video reveals a card trick that has been performed by David Blaine:

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